Alice T. Brown

I was born and raised in a holiness church. So I grew up hearing all the Bible stories and about the life of Jesus. But I would also hear these powerful testimonies from the members saying something like this, “I have lived a life free and separated from all sin for the last 30-35 years.” Listening to theses testimonies week after week made me believe something was wrong with me. I carried a secret for years and that was that I wasn’t living this perfect life like some of them proclaimed they were. I would try to do the right thing but I would continue to mess up. One day I thought I was save than the next day I felt like I wasn’t. It was a burden I carried for years.
Around the age of 32 I visited another church. The Pastor was preaching on the “Assurance of Salvation.” I had never heard that term before. He was preaching from John 10:28-29, which said no one can pluck you out of His hands, once saved always saved. I immediately rejected that message. About a month later we visited the church again and I couldn’t believe it but he was preaching the same message. He said salvation is not based on what I do but about what Christ has already done. This time I went home and begin to read the Bible for myself. That is when I realized that Salvation had nothing to do with what I did but it was about what Jesus had already done on the cross. I realize I couldn’t earn my salvation. Jesus had already paid the price and all I had to do was believe that He died, He was buried and He rose again and place my trust in Him.
That was a life changing experience for me, a weight was lifted. I was no longer burdened. I realized it was not about me but all about Jesus. I have put my trust in Jesus and now I know I am saved without a doubt. I know now when God looks at me He sees His Son not my imperfections.