Wilhelmenia McClamb
New Member's Scheduler

When I came to Colonial, I was looking for a fellowship church. I needed some things from the church. I wanted fellowship. I wanted to be able to be in a women’s ministry. When I came, I noticed that Colonial had a lot to offer.

They have a Women’s Fellowship that is truly great. The first year I went on a retreat. I felt as though I was part of the Women’s Fellowship for a long time. They did not treat me like a stranger. I was looking for a preacher-teacher, and I found that Pastor Anderson is clearly that. When I met Sis. Jacki, I found her to be very unique, unlike anyone I had ever known, as a pastor’s wife. She was really down to earth.

I wanted to give to the church, not just receive. There is lot to do here at Colonial. They have a lot of ministries to choose from.  I’ve been here for a few years, but it feels as though I have been here a life time. Colonial is truly a loving church.