Missions Conference
Educating our members and the local community about the Great Commission – a personal directive from Jesus Christ and a mandate to every believer - and how they can and should become actively involved. Matthew 28:19-20
Equipping: Provide training and information related to preparation for mission service according to Ephesians 4:12-16 (to equip the saints for the work of the ministry….)
Evangelizing: Provide opportunities for CBC members to GO - reach people who need to hear the Gospel and integrate them into the local church.

Happy Spring!
We hope you had a wonderful Easter, celebrating our risen Lord! We are so excited to make His name known to a people group in Asia-Pacific, alongside each of you who has partnered with us through prayer and/or finances! We cannot do this alone and want to thank you again for your love, encouragement, and support.

The Lord has been providing opportunities for us to connect with other believers and share our future plans. A few weeks ago, we were able to be part of a missions conference at a church in Randallstown, MD. We were so encouraged by the love these believers have for the Lord and by their enthusiasm to reach the lost throughout the world.

Prayer Requests

PRAISE: We have reached 50% of the necessary monthly support needed to move to Asia-Pacific!

PRAISE: The Lord provided a place to stay for the rest of our time in MD.

We have about 2.5 months left in MD. Please pray that we would use our time wisely.

Please pray that the Lord would help us to to be organized. A lot of our time right now is self-structured ... there is a lot to do and to remember!

Thank you to each one of you who prays for us and generously supports us. We appreciate you and are so thankful the Lord designed this to be a team effort! 


In the spirit of Easter, we thought you might enjoy this short video of Paiye, a man from Asia-Pacific, telling the Easter story in his own words. He is part of the Moi people, who heard the gospel from New Tribes Missionaries.



Well, I've officially been in Brazil for a little over three weeks! The Lord has been so so faithful. Not only have I been able to share His gospel everyday, but His love and providence is so constantly evident in my life, whether its through providing such a lovely team, through setting me up in a cozy studio apartment, or protecting me in the dangerous neighbourhoods we share in. My missionary team consists of Anita and Travis Simpson, a couple from Nashville, Tennessee, and their two kids Ali and Cole; Jill and Rick Thompson, a couple from Virginia; Jerry, from Texas, and Lynna Blackstock, from Texas. Joao Pessoa and Campina Grande, the cities I work in, have become like home to me already. We're getting involved with two local churches here, as well as doing campus ministry with Cru. Our schedules are crazy but it's been so encouraging to know it's all the Lord's work!
Because one of our focuses is church planting, we do a lot of door to door evangelism. We've had dozens of opportunities to share the gospel and hold bible studies! Brazilians are so opening to listening! 
This family was such a blessing. After sharing with Antonio, a believer, he brought us to his brother's house where I was able to lead him to Christ!

These are some of Lynna and I's new friends from church! Wednesday was Brazil's Independence Day so we all celebrated together. As you'll notice, they're all guys. Please pray we meet some girls haha. 

  • We've settled in really well here. Our apartments have AC and Wifi, two things we weren't expecting.
  • Our team has the same sense of humour. We all get along really well!
  • The Lord has given us so many choices for ministry. He's already doing a lot of work here. 
Prayer Requests:
  • that the Lord would introduce Lynna and I to some girls that know English that we would be able to disciple.
  •  that in the next week or so God would give us wisdom on what ministries to start to fully invest in (door to door in Joao Pessoa, in Campina Grande, or campus ministry etc)
  • for language study and practice. I’m understanding quite a bit of the Portuguese, but I never have a chance to speak it, only hear it. 
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