Shepherd's Corner

  Shepherd's Corner  

Volume 1 QTR 1 - 2016

Dear Colonial Family,

“Joined at the Hip”

 Some years ago there was a unique musical based on the true life story of the Hilton twins. They were Siamese twins who were elevated out of poverty  by being a special attraction as a singing and dancing vaudeville act in the 1930s, and eventually in a couple of B-grade films.
Their act was rather extraordinary because they had to be in sync with each other, and if they were not it would be a disaster. The two lead actresses had to play their parts as they were literally "joined at the hip."
Regardless of their individual talents it never worked up to their potential unless they performed in unity. The show's success totally depended on their close partnership; hence, being connected at the hip guaranteed an enjoyable program.
This is what a good marriage takes to be successful. When the "I dos" or "I wills" are promised, they are "joined at the hip!", and as such they have committed themselves for a lifetime to each other. Together will be their best chance to succeed.
In light of Valentine's Day coming soon, make it a special opportunity to reaffirm your love and commitment to each other, and in fact, gently bump each other on the hip to symbolically express that you are indeed "joined at the hip."
Happy Valentine's to all the love birds of Colonial Baptist Church, and to all who read this article.

Let's keep each other in prayer.

In Christian Love,
Dr. Robert J. Anderson, Jr.



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