Philosophy of Ministry

  Philosophy of Ministry  

A Philosophy of Ministry is not a mission or strategy statement.  It explains why we do what we do and why we do it the way we do it.  At Colonial Baptist Church, we are motivated by our desire to:

Exalt God
We want every aspect of ministry to demonstrate that we have a high view of God and that we ascribe to God supreme worth, of which He alone is worthy.  This means…

  • Our corporate worship and prayer should reflect the collective outpouring of a transformed spirit in our individual lives
  • Our music must be played with excellence as an offering to God


  • Our observance of the ordinances must be faithful


  • We gladly accept a difficult ministry challenge, depending on God’s people and not the world, so only God can get the glory
Edify Believers
We want the laity to be fully equipped to minister, creating opportunities for them to utilize their spiritual gifts, in a way that they can mature in love and Christ-like living.  We want…

  • The preaching to be expositional so that the meaning of the Bible passage is presented entirely and exactly as it was intended by God


  • The Bible to be regarded as the only perfect treasure of divine instruction and its doctrines should be systematically taught to all ages in such a way that transforms lives


  • Spiritual Gifts to be employed for the benefit of the church body, not the individual, and those gifts to be encouraged as the means to launch new ministry actions

Evangelize the Lost
The Church has a mission to reach the world with the Gospel, so we want Colonial’s ministry to maintain an outward focus, always looking to make new disciples and thereby expand the Kingdom of God.  For this reason we…

  • Create a warm and loving environment inside the walls of this church to receive those searching for answers

  • Take the message of salvation through Jesus Christ beyond the walls both through corporate and individual evangelistic and missions actions

  • Magnify our mission efforts by working cooperatively with our denomination and other like-minded mission organizations