Duties of a Deacon

  Duties of a Deacon  
In accordance with the meaning of the name and the practice of the New Testament, deacons are to be servants of the church.
1. They are to be zealous to guard the unity of the spirit within the church in the bonds of peace.
2. They shall serve as a council of advice and conference with the Pastor in all matters pertaining to the spiritual welfare and work of the church. With the Pastor they are to consider and formulate plans for the constant effort and progress of the church, in all things pertaining to the saving of souls, the development of Christians and the extension and growth of the kingdom of God. They shall be charged with administering the Lord's Supper and the distribution of fellowship funds.
3. By proper organization and method among themselves, they are to establish and maintain personal fraternal relations with, and inspiring oversight of, all the membership of the church, especially as they seek to know the physical needs and the moral and spiritual struggles of the brothers and sisters; and to serve the whole church in relieving, encouraging and developing all who are in need.
4. To counsel with the Pastor and by such methods as the Holy Spirit may direct in accordance with the New Testament teachings, they are to have supervision over the discipline of the church. In administering such, they are to be guided always by the principles set forth in Matthew 18:15‑17; 1 Cor. 5:9‑13; 1 Thess. 5:12‑14; 1 Tim. 5:19‑20. The deacons shall be free to call upon any member of the church to aid in establishing discipline.
5. The deacons, together with the Pastor, shall serve as a general pulpit committee, and shall be responsible for all pulpit programs. In case of absence or inability of the Pastor, subject to advice from any conference with him, they will make provisions for filling the pulpit.
6. In any period when the church is without a Pastor, unless the church shall otherwise provide, the deacons will arrange the temporary ministry and take counsel with reference to securing a Pastor. It is not intended in any way to prejudice herein the method by which the church shall proceed in securing a new Pastor.
7. The deacon body shall be organized and elect a chairman and a secretary. They shall have regular meetings and/or special meetings at the call of the Pastor or chairman.
8. The deacons shall be responsible for providing spiritual oversight to the Pastor in order to enable him to effectively lead the church in accomplishing the church's mission and goals. They are to be responsible for assisting the Pastor in obtaining the personal and professional resources necessary for an effective ministry of the church. This oversight will include, but is not limited to, alerting the Pastor regarding needs for rest and time for himself and his family. They are to be diligent in helping remove any obstacles that detract from the church or the Pastor's ability to effectively fulfill the spiritual purposes of the church as they are so designated by this document or subsequent changes by the congregation.
9. The role of oversight by the deacons shall be made available to pastoral staff in regards to their ability to effectively fulfill the spiritual purposes of the church as they are so designated.