Inclement Weather and Disaster Relief

  Inclement Weather and Disaster Relief  
Hello Colonial family and friends,
In light of the impending storm, we’d like to remind you of where you
can find information of the church’s operational status.

1) Call the church office at 410-655-1080 and follow the prompt for inclement weather.
2) Check the church’s website at
3) Check your email or text for a status update


4) Tune into channel WJZ-TV and watch the scroll bar

Also, there are two resources available should your family incur an

You can visit This is the Federal Emergency
Management System (or FEMA) website. It contains many helpful,
printable materials to help you quickly become prepared for
emergencies. They include an Emergency Supplies list, Emergency
Family Communication Plans, and Emergency preparation activities for
children, seniors, and pets; OR,

You can download a free FEMA APP to track impending weather and
other potentially hazardous situations on your portable electronic
device. The FEMA APP is available from your device’s app store.
The content of this phone message will be sent via email and posted on
the churches website.

We trust that you will be proactive and safe during the impending