Short Term Missions

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

“Colonial Baptist Church: Growing Disciples to Reach the World for Christ”  John 15:16-17

You see these words printed throughout our church, as in our church bulletin and on a banner in our sanctuary.  Our pastor, Rev. Robert J. Anderson Jr. commissioned the creation of a Short and Long Term Missions Committee as a sub-committee of the Missions Committee.  Pastor Anderson has given the Short Term Missions Committee these goals:

- Every member is a minister and every minister has a mission
- Every church member to participate in a mission trip either
   in the US or abroad
- Plow the ground for God to call out career missionaries
- Expose our youth to missions

As an ordinary person, just like you, I wondered what I could do when I went on a short-term mission trip   My brothers and sisters, I learned that God has supplied us with all the provisions we need. You can trust God to care for all your personal concerns, trust God to make His ability your own, and His strength, your strength.  Phil. 4:13

I am thrilled to see what our Lord will do in proclaiming His Gospel and “Reach the World for Christ”

Connie Perry Simon
Chairperson, Short Term Mission Committee